“The Forbes Lean-In List”? Yes, please!

Just read a fun article by Mom/CEO Frida Polli over at Forbes.com – “Sleepless in Silicon Alley: Being a Mom and a Startup CEO”. Read the whole thing, but here’s my favorite part –

“So, to conclude, my only bone to pick is with Forbes. Forbes, you have created and popularized the 20 under 20, 30 under 30, etc. lists. That’s wonderful, and I think that it’s important that we celebrate young people for their accomplishments. But my bone is…. where is the mom list? I have been 20 and 30. It was a lot easier getting stuff done in my unfettered 20s and 30s than it is now. Once you have a child, having a balanced career / personal life is harder, not easier. So why are there no lists celebrating that? It propagates that stereotype, again, that you can either be successful or a good parent. Isn’t it time to challenge that stereotype? I even have a catchy name for the list: The Forbes Lean-In List!”

Preach. That is a list of individuals truly worthy of celebration!

Startup Mom is written by Coralee Dixon, a NJ mom trying to launch an online business aimed at helping parents solve their memory-keeping needs. Is she “having it all” or losing her mind? Follow along as we find out…I’m just as curious as you are.