It’s a new day (Thoughts on hiring a babysitter for the first time)

I mean, if Elmo has a sitter why shouldn’t DD?

After almost 18 months, someone not related to us is watching DD while I sit here typing this. Oh joy of joys. What took me so long?

Part of this whole #mompreneur thing is that we’re women who want to raise our children and want to have fulfilling careers, right? So we are trying to make it work by being mommy during the day and being our own boss during nap/bedtime.

And I’ve been doing that since DD was born. Because I wasn’t ready to have someone that wasn’t a parent/grandparent be in charge of her care.

But not anymore. It’s the dawn of a new day. I used [no ad, that’s just what I actually used] to find a local college student who is in my living room right now playing with DD. I can hear them laughing. My daughter is laughing and playing in the living room under proper supervision while I work. Oh day of days! :)

But #nojudgement either way from this mommy. I get it. Every mom has to come to these decisions in her own time. I was not ready 3 months ago. Today I am ready. And it is a beautiful thing.

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