I was so DONE after our FI session this week.

I had spent so much time on Tuesday and Wednesday finishing the assignment for the week (honestly – I really half-a$$ed this one for this first time). My mind was just so burnt, I stopped caring about the quality of the work I was doing. I just wanted to turn off, take a nap, and think about nothing for a day. Thank God my mom was visiting and watching DD for me while I was working.

[Although, I wonder if sometimes that backfires because I know she’s coming to visit, so I don’t do as much work beforehand thinking I’m going to have all this time once she’s here. But then I have so much work to do when she gets here that I don’t have enough downtime and get exhausted (mentally and physically). Anyway, it wasn’t a good place to be in.]

I got dressed and dragged myself out of the house and onto the train. I had just done a hotseat pitch the week prior, so I didn’t spend any time practicing my pitch before class. Turned out that I was chosen to pitch again this week though. I don’t know how, but I’ve stopped worrying because I like pitching, I’m good at it, and the more feedback I get the better.

And I got great feedback. It was the pitch I prepared for the least to-date and I got my highest scores yet (5-5-4). But I know it’s because I spent so much time updating my PPT for last week and really I had all the talking points down so it was just a refresher before I got up there. So I left the session feeling pretty good and hoping to connect with one of the mentors for some technical advice.

I’ve also been chosen as semester president for my FI group. This is exciting and I feel honored, but it also is more work to do so can feel like an assignment. Is it because I’m a mom? They must think I’m super-organized and able to herd people. Ha. Glad to have a VP to help me schedule meetings and such.

So I got home Wednesday night around 11:30 pm and went straight to bed, having my to-do list for Thursday all mapped out so I could get to work. But then Thursday came and I just couldn’t move. Thursdays after FI always hit me so hard. I’m just so tired. Should I be exercising more? Eating more? Sleeping more? Yes. All of the above. I ended up going back to sleep after DH left for work and my mom watched DD. Then I took a nap again when DD went down in the afternoon. I feel irresponsible somehow, or like I’m not working hard enough, on days that I have to take a nap. Is this normal? Do other founders feel this way?

To be fair to myself I think I should be easier on myself with this one. Watching a toddler all day is physically exhausting. I don’t eat enough. I don’t sleep enough. I’m over 30. It catches up with me. The end.


Startup Mom is written by Coralee Dixon, a NJ mom launching an online business aimed at helping parents solve their memory-keeping needs. Is she “having it all” or losing her mind? Follow along as we find out…(I’m just as curious as you are.)

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  1. You are too hard on yourself! Just watching a toddler all day is exhausting … now throw in the obligations of the FI along with household responsibilities and the exhaustion multiplies into craziness. You have done a great job of holding it all together. Hopefully the pace will slow down a little after your last class and you can make time for you!

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