July Catch Up

Hey there. So I’ve been letting myself get taken over by other priorities while posting on the blog falls lower and lower on my to-do list. No bueno. My first lesson on the wisdom of planning/scheduling blog posts.

Let’s see if I can make this update concise yet fun.

1) First, I got that “special assignment” I mentioned while I was on vacation in Florida last month. Had to create a prototype of my concept and get 300 people to complete a survey on it all within four days. That….pretty much sucked.

My family was very supportive, but I felt awful spending all my time in the hotel room doing work when I was supposed to be having quality time in this nice resort with everyone. The not sleeping much and forgetting to eat didn’t help either.

But I got it done. It was hard to believe I’d find a way at the beginning, and I had SO many hurdles come up over those few days, plus had to spend a couple hundred bucks to get some help from a freelancer and purchase survey takers… But I got it done.

Yay me? Yeah, that’s pretty much how I felt at the end.

2) My company has a name! Yay! And I really love it. :) Say hello to Shortcake.

shortcake script - red

Still working on the website. Will link to it soon so you can check it out.

3) I’m almost done at Founder Institute! 10 more days to go. I can’t believe it. Graduation here I come. I revamped my in-person pitch deck last week and got good feedback from the mentors in the hotseat (three 4 scores. go me.). Take a gander here.

4) I think I’m getting better at the work+life balancing act this month. I actually took a whole weekend off earlier this month when we went to Baltimore to visit friends. It was funny because I brought my laptop along thinking I would find time here and there to do some work.

Then DH hit me with some truth on the drive down – we’re going to visit friends for the weekend. They’re hosting us at their house. You can’t go off and do work for a few hours when you planned a weekend to visit them. Right. Why didn’t I realize that?

It’s been so easy to get tunnel vision about how much work needs to be done for the company, every day I’m just thinking about my crazy to-do list and what “NEEDS” to get done that day. Happy to report I didn’t do any work at all while we were away and had a really nice visit. :)


Startup Mom is written by Coralee Dixon, a NJ mom launching an online business aimed at helping parents solve their memory-keeping needs. Is she “having it all” or losing her mind? Follow along as we find out…(I’m just as curious as you are.)

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