Time management. Ooh baby.

Wow. My brain feels so full of ideas and to-dos and urgencies….I feel frozen in place because there is just so much to be done. How do I even attack this in an organized manner?

Where are my time management skills? Remember all that stuff I learned at a FranklinCovey workshop years ago, about listing out all the tasks and ranking them in priority order…That’s the only way I’ll feel like I’m actually accomplishing something and moving towards my goal. I have to take the time to actually think through everything on my list and pick out what are the truly most urgent projects. Otherwise, whatever I choose to do (whether it’s laundry, market research, even doing my FI assignments) feels like it’s keeping me from moving forward.

So here’s where I am currently. This past Wednesday I was chosen to pitch in our weekly hotseats at FI. I was pretty nervous  – I had just rewritten my pitch the day before and spent most of the morning and afternoon memorizing it and trying to stay within the 3-minute time limit. But I did good. Received an average 4 out of 5 score with good feedback. They like my presentation style, my story is compelling, now I need to start showing more of the “how” – i.e. details on the processes I am using to execute this idea of mine – and specifically differentiating myself from all the competition out there.  I’m worried that I’m only getting good scores because I can still get away with not having a ton of execution to show, but that won’t last for much longer. (DH told me I should celebrate this win though, and be hard on myself later. He gives good advice.)

So for now, my to-do list is looking like this:
– Finish incorporation process within the next three days. Prep questions for call with lawyer.
– Create digital prototype of album concept.
– Create physical prototype of album concept.
– Continue work on wireframe of site and customer experience.
– Start outreach to potential collaborators and team members.
– Attack the “how” problem – delve into APIs and see what content can be extracted from social media profiles. Document a detailed manual process of what would be extracted and what would be done with it so that a developer can see what code needs to be written.

All of these feel crazy-important! Like, I should be working on all of this right NOW and have progress to show in each area within the next few days. But…what? That is impossible, right? Exhale. I just have no idea how this is all going to get done.

Plus, besides all that, on the homefront we are going on a family vacation to Florida in a few days. (Which is wonderful right? How can I complain about that? More guilt…) Everyone’s leaving on Wednesday but I changed my flight to leave on Thursday since I have to give a big presentation on Wednesday night at FI. So there’s my to-do list above, finishing this week’s FI assignment, preparing for an intense presentation, and packing and organizing myself/DH/DD for a week’s vacation (which under normal circumstances would be enough to handle just on its own).

Holy heck. If I think about this with any level of seriousness or detail my head will explode. I have absolutely no idea how I will accomplish all of this in the next 4 days.

Ok. I can do this. I just have to GET STARTED and let the rest figure itself out along the way. Get to it girl.

(Post script: While I was writing this post, DD just emptied all of the clothes out of her dresser. No one really cares about organized clothes drawers, right?)

Hmmm...maybe this is a job for DH? ;)
Hmmm…maybe this is a job for DH? ;)

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