Going Corporate

Melanie Griffith in Working Girl

Our big assignment from Founder Institute this month is that everyone has to formally incorporate their companies. Which I don’t mind doing, and I think it makes sense overall to get your proper structure set up, get good legal advice from an expert, etc. But FI requires us to work with a law firm during incorporation, no independent practice or LegalZoom-type services. Which means extra $$$.

The thing is, I could do this myself online and save a bunch of money, so hiring a law firm is something I don’t quite feel ready for because it doesn’t seem fully justified in my case given how early in the process I am. I think it’s a nice-to-do more than a need-to-do for me at this point. So I am a bit uncertain about spending this money, direct from our family savings account, when I know I don’t really need to do it yet, but I have to in order to meet FI’s requirements.

I guess that’s part of FI’s strategy here too though – either commit and spend the money or withdraw while you think it over and come back next time when you’re more ready.

But I don’t want to withdraw. Being pushed to each new step is really making me get a lot of work done in a fast timeframe. So I’ve gone ahead and found a small boutique firm to work with that gives startups like me a price break. Eek. Doubt creeps in. Still so nervous about spending this money, but no turning back. Let’s do this.

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